Can you eat ladyfish?

Ladyfish are edible and fun to catch. They jump out of the water when hooked and are known to escape being caught. Ladyfish have more bones than other fish and required extra effort to make fish cakes versus simply filleting a fish. Ladyfish fish cakes are popular in Asia. The Ladyfish can grinded into fish meal. In Hawaii, fishermen catch Ladyfish to make into fish cakes. You get meat out off Ladyfish by scaling the fish, cutting off the tail, using a rolling pin, to obtain some flesh. With the smashed meat you make raw fish, or fish cakes. Fish cakes were invented in Asia. Once you have the mashed fish meal. Simply Check for the fish meal for bones and remove any found, take the mashed flesh, mix it with some egg, flour or breadcrumbs. Add some spices, fruits and/or veggies of your choice and fry in Olive Oil on medium heat on a stainless steel pan until brown on each side of the fish cake. You’ll have a fine dining experience. It’s your choice. Eat Ladyfish, use as live or cut bait for snook and grouper, or throw them back. If you’re in the mood for some fresh fish and are willing to put in the effort prepare some ladyfish fish cakes, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whatever your choice, you’ll love the Ladyfish just like the birds, grouper, and snook, who feast on them, do.